About Us

Who is The Readiness Institute?

The Readiness Institute is the leading education center for companies that want to become high-performance organizations – those who want to see further beyond the horizon than their competitors and want the organizational capacity and capability to quickly devise and deploy decisive responses to opportunities and threats.

The Readiness Institute, at its core, exists for the purpose of helping companies worldwide achieve a “State of Readiness“. To enable companies to gain a competitive advantage; the ability to see further beyond the horizon than their competition. And not just see further and detect sooner, but act faster.

Comprising of a team of highly trained and experienced business professionals seeking to aid you in your continuous journey towards next-level enterprise readiness – The Readiness Institute is inherently committed to the ongoing pursuit of Operational Excellence.

What Do We Offer?

We offer readiness assessments and innovative education and training services in an array of forms of shapes – with access to subject matter experts from across industries and disciplines.

We are proud to provide our professional training and business education services to companies all over the world. Consistently expanding globally, we curate the best content for companies that want to continually improve and remain perpetually in a State of Readiness –making it all easily accessible at the same time.

Built through partnerships with top companies and internationally renowned thought leaders, we offer what could be coined “the best of the best” in world-class business education. 

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Our History

The Readiness Institute was founded by internationally renowned thought leader on operational excellence; international entrepreneur; prolific writer and a sought-after strategist, consultant, and speaker Joseph Paris.
Paris originally founded the XONITEK Group of Companies in 1985 – an international management and operations consultancy helping companies located around the globe become high-performance organizations.
Soon after, emerged the Operational Excellence Society: A grass-roots organization that emerged from a large LinkedIn group also led by Paris.  Also described as a “think tank” that creates and aggregates knowledge and know-how for professionals and companies who have the desire to achieve peek-performance across the entire value-chain of their enterprise – the society was inspired, in part, by the Lean value known as  gemba. The society supports regional collegiate collaboration, the exchange of best-practices, shared experiences, and face-to-face mind-share.
Where the concept of the Readiness Institute itself manifested out of a need for a stand-alone platform of the same nature as its sister-companies – with the sole purpose of providing quality business education and training courses – it is also the great success of Paris’ book “State of Readiness – Operational Excellence as Precursor to becoming a High-Performance Organization” (May 2017) that catapulted the growth of the Readiness Institute.

Our Vision

Our grand vision is to help an exhaustive number of companies worldwide achieve their dreams by achieving a State of Readiness on their way to becoming High-Performance organizations.
Partnering with some of the world’s best thought leaders, and run by our own set of internationally renowned gurus, The Readiness Institute takes the lead in your journey towards the top of the corporate ladder!

How Can We Help?